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2018-2019 school registration information

 중앙한국학교 2018 ~ 2019 Registration Information 

                                        The Central Korean School

 15451 Lee Highway, Centreville, VA 20121


Eligible Grade

4 years old to adult (fixed number of seats available per class), SAT Korean class 

School  period


*  32 weeks per school year ( 15 weeks during the fall of 2018 and 17 weeks during the spring of 2019)

*  September 8th, 2018 ~ June 8th, 2019

Class Placement

The classes are divided by students’ age and further divided into each student’s proficiency in Korean (beginner, intermediate, advanced). 

   Adult class


* Adult classes will be separated from children’s classes

Class Schedule

*9:00 AM ~ 12:30 PM on Saturdays

*Optional extracurricular activities: 12:30 PM ~ 1:25 PM on Saturdays

Course work


* Korean(Speaking, listening, reading, and writing), Korean culture and history, music

* Optional extracurricular activities include: Taekwondo, Korean traditional dance, Korean traditional percussion, Jong-Ie Jopgi, Art class (we will invite an outside expert)

Class schedule

1st   period(9:00~9:50): Korean speaking & listening

3rd period(10:55~11:45): Korean Writing 

2nd period(9:50~10:40): Korean Reading 

4th period(11:45~12:30): Korean culture & history

 Break (10:40 ~10:55): snacks

5th period(12:35~1:25): Optional extracurricular  



May 12th, 2018 ~ July 15th 2018

Annual Tuition


* $400 per student for one year,  sibling discount  2nd student will be $380 , 3rd student is $360

* Optional extracurricular activities that require an outside expert will require $80 additional to the tuition

*  Registration after 7/15/18 will require late fee of $40.

*  Early registration (before 6/2/18) for the students will be given $20  discount

* The annual tuitions are not refunded and only given in credit.

Refund Policy

* Cancellation before 8/1 : $50 deduction

* Cancellation before 9/1 : $100 deduction

* Cancellation after 9/8 : No Credit, No Refund

How to register


* The applications can be downloaded from the

* Mail: stamped before 7/15/18

            The Central Korean School (15451 Lee Highway, Centreville, VA 20121 )

* Korean school office registration until 6/2/18

* The Korean Central Presbyterian Church registration period : Sundays of 7/1/18 ~ 7/15/18

* Please make the check payable to: TCKS (The Central Korean School)

Further questions and information

* Telephone: Principal: (804)476-8257

* Email:

1st day of class

9/8/18 Saturday 9AM at the 2nd Sanctuary( in KCPC)

© 2018 The Central Korean School. All rights reserved.

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